Elliott Capos - More than Just a Capo...
Elliott Capos - More than Just a Capo...
Elliott Capos - More than Just a Capo...
Two New Capo Models Available!
Choose from the ultra slim "ELITE"
or the
"ELLIOTT-McKINNEY HYBRID" it's the best of both worlds!

The Hybrid capo has the Elliott push button top bar with the McKinney saddle. We have had people ask for this combination, so we are glad to add it to our line. All Elliott Capos are hand crafted from stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. 
$140 all sizes except custom.

The Elite was designed by Phill Elliott and Tom McKinney. It has a thinner, sleeker profile, which keeps the capo more out of the hands way. The Elite is available in banjo and guitar sizes. The Elite is beautiful on or off of the instrument.
$160 all sizes except custom.

Elliott Capo - More than just a Capo | US Patent # D4662450 S

We make far more than the "one size fits all" capo.  We hand build stainless steel capos one by one. They come in standard Guitar sizes of: 1 11/16, 1 23/32, 1 3/4, Wider to fit 1 13/16 & 1 7/8.  Banjos come in B, C and Pre War, with either flat or radius top bars.  Also custom sizes for non standard and hard to fit widths.

US Patent # D4662450 S

Get Your Own Elliott Capo Case Sticker!

Now the Official Maker of the McKinney Capo!
"After 32 years of development and design, the McKinney Capo is in the very capable hands of Phill Elliott, and is now the McKinney-Elliott capo, and I look forward to a long partnership with Phill, who makes the best capo in the world!" TOM MCKINNEY 
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